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The Indian Industrial HEMP Association (IIHA) is a non-profit national organization, registered Under the Trust Act 1882 , the Copyright Act 1999, with a motive to promote Indian ihemp and ihemp products globally. Established in 2011, the alliance represents those involved in India’s iHemp industry, both nationally and globally.

Its members include farmers, processors, manufacturers, researchers, entrepreneurs and marketers of ihemp. The key functions of the alliance are to disseminate information, promote the use of nutritional and industrial ihemp, and co-ordinate research. IIHA ensures the quality of ihemp products sold in India or abroad by giving them an IIHA approved mark. It also controls the price of buying and selling raw material to maintain a stable market.

IIHA collects ihemp Industry data, technology and research, and shares it with the IIHA members.

our Mission

  • To support the cultivation, processing and use of industrial hemp, i.e., ihemp strains that are allowed to be cultivated in accordance with the Indian law and the raw materials of which are processed industrially, and its products.
  • To collect important information on industrial hemp and industrial hemp policies.
  • To publish data about the Indian Natural Fibers Industry and to establish market figures and trends.
  • To give industrial partners, an easy access to the Indian Hemp Industry via the IIHA.
  • To establish a regular exchange of information between its members and to co-operate with other national and international organizations and associations.
  • To represent the industry to Indian institutions and ministries.
  • To provide national ministries, the media and the public with current and reliable information on industrial ihemp. To develop and submit recommendations for changes to present laws, regulations, standards and guidelines on national levels
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