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By Abhishek Chaudhary on 18 Apr 2016, 07:34AM

What is iHemp? An industrial crop or a medical crop? iHemp is both of these things, and so much more. Agricultural hemp or iHemp is often referred to as “hemp stalk,” which grows differently than THC-containing cannabis, and looks similar to a bamboo plant. THC-producing marijuana plants are grown to an average of five feet … Continue reading “Support and Bring a Change”

By Abhishek Chaudhary on 18 Apr 2016, 07:33AM

Sleepless nights were common, eyes lost their charm and skin lost its glow. I was thinking a lot,but eating less, I was resting a lot but sleeping less. I am educated and had the job, but because of my serious health issues, I was not able to deliver, what I was paid for. Eventually, I was … Continue reading “And yes, it changed my life”