on 18 Apr 2016, 07:33 AM

Sleepless nights were common, eyes lost their charm and skin lost its glow. I was thinking a lot,but eating less, I was resting a lot but sleeping less. I am educated and had the job, but because of my serious health issues, I was not able to deliver, what I was paid for. Eventually, I was fired on the basis of my inefficiency and irregularity. I had a family that was hungry, but I was jobless.High hopes further depressed me and at times I cried like a feeble girl. I was hopeless until I met my old friend who suggested me to go to the rural area, start using iHemp medicines and cultivate iHemp to help myself financially.

I liked the idea and moved to my village as my friend suggested, rather say I had no choice. I started using iHemp medicines for my illness and slowly but gradually my health improved. I was chipper than before, I began living again.I started cultivating iHemp and to my surprise, I got a good response from the market. Producing iHemp is less hectic than growing cotton, sugarcane, wheat, rice, etc. It takes far less water to grow than a cotton plant. It needs less care and nutrition as it grows easily anywhere, iHemp needs no or very less quantity of insecticide for its protection, unlike any other plant. There is very less competition in the market so the crop never goes waste and we get back whatever we invested with profit.My financial condition improved and it helped me in sleeping peacefully. I got my charm back, my family life improved a lot. I started eating properly and it helped me in gaining appropriate weight. I did not know the power of the small plant that had been neglected for so long.The industrial hemp production helped me monetarily as well as physically. I am looking forward to the proper rules, regulations, guidelines from the government to stabilize and promote the market of the Indian Industrial Hemp globally with the help of IIHA.


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