The industrial hemp business is growing every year. The strong fibres are used for insulation materials and biocomposites, mainly in automotive interiors. iHemp food products are increasing in market volume and with the extraction of Cannabidiol (CBD) for pharmaceutical applications, farmers can improve profits.

The 13th International Conference of the European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA) offered THE WORLD WIDE MEETING POINT for the growing hemp industry.

The two-day conference was divided into seven key sessions:

  • International Hemp Industry
  • Agricultural – Varieties & Harvesting
  • Composites & Bio-based Plastics
  • Building and Construction
  • Sustainability
  • iHemp Food
  • Cannabidiol (CBD)

 John Hobson –GW Research Ltd. (UK)

Michael Carus – Nova-Institute GmbH (DE)

Rachele Invernizzi – South Hemp Tecno Srl. (IT)

Patrick Collins – Azabu University (JP)

Makoto Matsumaru – Hempfoods Japan (JP)

Rohit Sharma – Indian Industrial Hemp Association (IN)

Oana Suciu-  Hempflax Europe Srl. (RO)

Marijn Roersch van der Hoogte – Hanffaser Uckermark eG (DE)

Anndrea Hermann – The Ridge International Cannabis Consulting (CN)

Claire Thouminot – FNPC (FR)

Dr. Gianpaolo Grassi – CREA-CIN (IT)

John McKay – Colorado State University, (US)

Davide Calzolari – Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, (UCSC), (IT)

Professor Dr. Jörg Müssig –Hochschule Bremen – University of Applied Sciences (DE)

Hans Gusovius – ATB Potsdam (DE)

Pierre Rivard – Fibres Recherche Dévelopement (FRD) (FR)

Michael Verhoeckx – Avans University of Applied Sciences Breda

Dr. Joachim Venus – Leibniz-Institute for Agricultural Engineering Potsdam-Bornim (ATB) (DE)

Sylvestre Bertucelli – Interchanvre (FR)

Sissy Verspeek – Stichting Agrodome (NL)

Fred van der Burgh – Stichting Agrodome (NL)

Xiong Heping ,Tang Shouwei & Wang Yufu – Institute of Bast Fiber Crops ,Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CN)

 Dr. Stephan Piotrowski – Nova-Institute GmbH (DE)

 Martha Barth – nova-Institute GmbH (DE)

Daniel Kruse – Hempro Int. GmbH & Co. KG (DE)

Luis Sarmento – Nova-Institut GmbH (DE)

Rafael Dulon – HANF FARM GmbH (DE)

Michael Stoltz – Functional Foods (USA)

Dr. Andreas Wuzik – NATECO2 GmbH & CO.KG (DE)

Chris Hudalla – ProVerde Laboratories (USA)

Boris Banas – CBDepot, s.r.o. (CZ)

Dr. Tanja Bagar – International Institute for Cannabinoids (SL)

Joscha Krauß – MH medical hemp GmbH (DE)

Dr. Stuart Titus – General Hemp (US)

Day 1: 1st June 2016


Conference Opening

Introduction by: John Hobson, GW Research Ltd. (UK)


International Hemp Industry
(Chairman: John Hobson, GW Research Ltd. (UK))

          Overview on the European Hemp Industry

          By: Michael Carus, nova-Institut GmbH (DE)


Updates from Italian Hemp

          By: Rachele Invernizzi, South Hemp Tecno Srl. (IT)


          Progress Towards Updating Japan’s (American) Hemp Prohibition        Law

          By: Patrick Collins, Azabu University (JP) & Makoto Matsumaru, Hempfoods Japan (JP)


Direction of Hemp Research in Reference to Indian Context

By: Rohit Sharma, Indian Industrial Hemp Association (IN)


Hempflax in Romania – Growing and Processing Hemp – the Revival    of a once successful Industry dormant for the last 25 Years.

By: Oana Suciu, Hempflax Europe Srl. (RO)


Agricultural – Varieties & Harvesting
(Chairwoman: Oana Suciu, Hempflax Europe Srl. (RO))

Results of the Crowdfunding Project for a Hempseed Harvesting           Machine (H.E.M.P.) & Overview of Hempfibre Factory

By: Marijn Roersch van der Hoogte,  Hanffaser Uckermark eG (DE)


Industrial Hemp Performance in NorthDakota

By: Anndrea Hermann, The Ridge International Cannabis Consulting      (CN)


Hemp Breeding at FNPC

By: Claire Thouminot, FNPC (FR)


The Breeding Strategy in Italy to solve the critical Points of        Industrial Hemp Production

By: Dr. Gianpaolo Grassi, CREA-CIN (IT)


Towards Research and Development of Hemp Genetics after US Prohibition

By: John McKay, Colorado State University, (US)


Cannabis Threshing residue: A Source of High Added-Value        Compounds

By: Davide Calzolari, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, (UCSC), (IT)


Composites & Bio-based Plastics
(Chairman: Professor Dr.-Ing. Jörg Müssig, University of Applied Sciences, DE)

          The Importance of Hemp Fibre Quality for Industrial Composite          Applications

          By: Professor Dr. Jörg Müssig,  Hochschule Bremen – University of          Applied Sciences (DE) & Hans Gusovius, ATB Potsdam (DE)


Influence of Hemp Fibers and Shives Preparation on their Properties   and correlations with Properties of Composite and Concrete

          By: Pierre Rivard, Fibres Recherche Dévelopement (FRD) (FR)


Hemp and Flax Fibers in Heavy Load Bearing Structures – Designing   and Building the World’s First Biocomposite Bridges

By: Michael Verhoeckx, Avans University of Applied Sciences Breda


          Valorization of Hemp Residues in Fermentative Lactic Acid        Production

By: Dr. Joachim Venus, Leibniz-Institute for Agricultural Engineering     Potsdam-Bornim (ATB) (DE)


Day 2: 2nd June 2016

International Hemp Industry – Part II
(Chairman: Mark Reinders, HempFlax BV (NL))

          Research and utilization of bast fibre crop as livestock      forage in China & The present situation of study and producing of     industrial hemp in China

By: Tang Shouwei & Wang Yufu, Institute of Bast Fiber Crops, Chinese   Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CN)

Building and Construction
(Chairman: Mark Reinders, HempFlax BV (NL))

          The Hemp Branch, a sustainable Branch for Building

By: Sylvestre Bertucelli, Interchanvre (FR)


The Developments and Solutions in the Hemp Building Market in       the Netherlands

By: Sissy Verspeek, Stichting Agrodome (NL) & Fred van der         Burgh, Stichting Agrodome (NL)


(Chairwoman: Anndrea Hermann, The Ridge International Cannabis Consulting, (CA))

Sustainability Implications of Hemp Value Chains

By: Dr. Stephan Piotrowski, nova-Institut GmbH (DE) & Martha Barth, nova-Institut GmbH (DE)


Hemp Food
(Chairwoman: Anndrea Hermann, The Ridge International Cannabis Consulting, (CA))

       New Data on Hemp Food Market, EU and North-America

By: Daniel Kruse, Hempro Int. GmbH & Co. KG (DE)


Update on THC Guidance Values on Food

By: Luis Sarmento, nova-Institut GmbH (DE)


Hempseed for superfood with ISCC+ sustainability certification

By: Rafael Dulon, HANF FARM GmbH (DE)


Functional Hemp Foods

By: Michael Stoltz,  Functional Foods (USA)


(Chairman: Michael Carus, nova-Institut GmbH, Germany & Boris Banas, CBDepot, s.r.o., CZ)

Market Studies on CBD

By: Daniel Kruse, Hemp Consult GmbH (DE)


       CO2 – Hemp Extraction & Opportunities

       By: Dr. Andreas Wuzik, NATECO2 GmbH & CO.KG (DE)


Using Supercritical Fluids for the Extraction, Analysis and Purification of Cannabis-/Hemp-based Natural Therapeutics

By: Chris Hudalla, ProVerde Laboratories (USA)


Cannabis Extracts and Cannabidiol: several legal Perspectives

By: Boris Banas, CBDepot, s.r.o. (CZ)


From Farm to Endproduct – The Endocannabinoid System

       By: Dr. Tanja Bagar, International Institute for Cannabinoids (SL) & Joscha Krauß, MH medical hemp GmbH (DE)


CBD Cannabdiol – The short history, the current exploding market place, the incredible future potential, and Medical Marijuana Inc.’s leading role

By: Dr. Stuart Titus, General Hemp (US)

Date: 1st & 2nd June, 2016

Venue: Rheinforum

Kölner Straße 42,  50389 Wesseling, Germany