on 03 Jun 2016, 08:39 AM

Whether it’s about fulfilling the legal requirements, providing the raw material or offering the franchises, IIHA promises the overall satisfaction to its customers.

The services include:

Organic Material: iHemp is the most sustainable raw material in the world. Each ihemp variety has its own set of characteristics; small or large seeds, low or high oil content, different oil composition, etc. Varieties grown for fiber may contain 15-25% bast fibers. As markets develop contracts to grow ihemp, they may specify the exact varieties that will meet specific market needs. IIHA helps its members to source raw materials round the globe.

The Execution: IIHA also helps to execute the setup of the ihemp Industry,factories and retail shops. If you are interested in growing ihemp, commencing an ihemp processing facility, providing healthy ihemp foods or soft ihemp clothing, we will find and provide the right product for you. Our existing clients are flourishing in their businesses with the right guidance on how to progress on what they are doing, or for help in starting their ihemp empires.

Fulfilling Legal Requirements: IIHA takes care of all the legal requirements of the Indian and International Governments to develop a better trade and farming relations.

Offering Franchises: IIHA promotes the retail businesses of its members by offering franchises for rapid growth and greater product awareness.

Research and Development: IIHA provides updates and research on iHemp and its various products.

The Recognition: IIHA awards and recognition events are held to appreciate excellence achieved in the Industrial hemp organizations under various categories.

Authentic laboratories:  IIHA has the National Accreditation Board of Laboratories, the Indian Body of International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC), the highest international accreditation body of laboratories to support analytical testing, research and development, consultancy and training.