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A great and economical substitute for cotton

On an acre of land, ihemp crop will generate 2/3 times more fibre than a crop of cotton. iHemp fibre is stronger and softer as compared to cotton and will last much longer. Cotton requires a moderate climate and lots of water to grow, on the other hand, ihemp can even endure frost and would flourish with only moderate amounts of water. Moreover, the ihemp crop needs no pesticides or herbicides, it can sustain well with a moderate amount of fertilizer.


iHemp Paper

The amount of paper produced by trees on 2 to 4 acres of land can be equalled by the amount of ihemp paper generated on 1 acre of land. Producing all types of paper products from tissue paper to cardboard, ihemp paper is far superior than tree-based paper. Its manufacturing requires less toxic chemicals, the paper lasts hundreds of years without degrading and is capable of being recycled more times than the paper made from trees.

iHemp Fibreboard

As compared to wood, ihemp fibreboard is stronger and lighter. Replacing it with timber would help in conserving forests.

iHemp Plastic

iHemp can also act as a good plastic substitute to produce products which are strong, durable and environment-friendly. Many petroleum-based plastic products can be made from ihemp-based composites. Various car makers, such as Audi, Ford, BMW and Honda, are beginning to use ihemp in their cars.


iHemp Seeds and Leaves

iHemp seeds are edible and one can eat them raw, crushed into a meal, as sprouts, in the form of ihemp milk or use it in baking. Fresh ihemp leaves can also be consumed in salads.

As Etanol Fuel

Capable of being produced in a wide range of climates and regions, ihemp generates greater amount of biomass than any other plant species. It can be converted into clean-burning ethanol fuel and be used as a major source of ethanol fuel.

iHemp Fuel

Fuel is also one of the by-products of ihemp cultivation. Cultivation of ihemp to get biomass fuel needs the least specialized growing and processing procedures of all ihemp products. Biodiesel is derived from the oils of the seeds and stalk of the ihemp and biofuel is derived from the firbrous stalks, reducing our dependence of fossil fuels and nuclear power.

Used in housing construction

iHemp together with lime create a chemical bond similar to cement which is fire and water proof. The concrete-like blocks of ihemp and lime do need support of structural elements like brick, wood or steel frame. iHemp and lime also have insulation properties. However, with the strength and durability of ihemp fibres, it can prove to be a good replacement of wood for many jobs including creating very durable and breathable homes.

Used for animal breeding

iHemp shives are the core of the stem, ihemp hurds are broken parts of the core, they are used for animal bedding or for horticultural mulch. Industrial hemp is much more profitable if both fibers and shives (or even seeds) can be used.

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