Hemp Business Inquiry

    Thanks for contacting IIHA – For all queries related to the Hemp Farming license in Uttarakhand state.

    Please follow the following steps.

    Hemp cultivation license.

    1. Land own OR registered lease can apply for the Hemp license in Uttarakhand.
    2. Download the Hemp cultivation form the following link (http://uttrakhandexcise.org.in/Docs/bhang.pdf)

    Uttarakhand state excise department. Approach submit DM office for the Hemp license.


    1. Once the license is granted contact with a copy of the license to IIHA for Hemp low THC seeds procurement and Technical know-how.


    For Project Consultancy:  (Paid Service) – Any project related to Hemp FIBER, HURDS, SEEDS, and CBD.

    1. Submit detailed project reports with CAPEX information.


    For the procurement of raw materials.

    1. For Hemp FIBER, Seeds, Hurds, CBD, Hemp Oil send quantity and application.


    Once we have received the relevant documents our concern team will get in touch with the service charge and technical know-how.

    How can we help you?

    IIHA welcomes Individuals and Corporates for cultivation of Ihemp in India.