1st Industrial Hemp Cultivation Licence of India granted to Indian Industrial Hemp Association (IIHA) by Uttrakhand Government

IIHA was invited in Uttarakhand’s first ever investor summit in Dehradun as the standalone organization in Industrial Hemp Industry

Dehradun, 09th October’2018: The Indian Industrial Hemp Association (IIHA) was invited by the Uttarakhand government to state’s first-ever investor summit in Dehradun. Commemorating India’s first hemp cultivation License awarded to IIHA, the organization announced an investment of Rs 1100 Crores on Industrial hemp in Uttarakhand in next 5 years with a speculated employment generation for over 90,000 people in the state.

The first investment summit of Uttarakhand state was inaugurated by the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. The highly ambitious summit in words of Uttarakhand CM Trivendra Singh Rawat – was for enhancing the development of the state in terms of connectivity, manpower and industrial development. Chief Minister, Mr. Rawat was gifted hemp clothing during his visit to IIHA stall in the summit.

Mr. Chandresh Kumar, District Magistrate, Pauri praised the successful work of IIHA for socio-economic upliftment of the region and enlightened the facts that how small land holdings of farmers will benefit from contract farming. He also acknowledged the fact that migration has emerged as a big issue in Pauri and Hemp cultivation can stir the wave of reverse migration. Mr. Dilip Rawat, District Magistrate, Haridwar also visited IIHA stall at the summit and appreciated IIHA’s body of work in Industrial Hemp Cultivation. IIHA generated interest of land holders for cultivation of Industrial Hemp by explaining the benefits of this a low THC product. IIHA also created a buzz amongst the corporate sector looking at setting up of factories in UK for hemp based products like cosmetics, food, health & pharma, textile, Paper, construction etc.

IIHA showcased and highlighted the Industrial Hemp Industry to International and Indian Investors in the summit and its benefit in other industries including Hemp Fibre, Hemp Seeds, Hemp Medicinal/Ayurvedic plant, Hemp Bio-composite and construction material, Hemp warehouse and treatment plan, Hemp Institute and Educational Tourism and Hemp Bio-ethanol. The organization also showcased IIHA body of work, the journey from its Inception in 2012 to the 1st license Industrial hemp cultivation project with Uttrakhand Government.

Excited with the success in the investors’ summit, Mr. Rohit Sharma, President of IIHA said, “Uttarakhand government has provided the required stimulus to the budding trillion dollars hemp industry by legalizing industrial hemp cultivation in the state. The investment from IIHA in Industrial hemp cultivation will not only propel the economic growth but also give farmers a great opportunity to live sustainable lives. We have resolved to bring our traditional and religious plant in the forefront and the series of planned investments by IIHA for cultivation, research, industry establishment and resource management will pave the path of sustainable development for the state and the nation. IIHA’s efforts in legalizing hemp cultivation and receiving India’s first ever hemp cultivation license by the Uttarakhand government since 1958 has set a benchmark in the Indian history.”

IIHA thrives to create new economic opportunities for farmers and daily wagers through the cultivation of multi-purpose industrial hemp fiber. The Indian fiber industry has a demand of more than 1,50,000 MT for hemp fiber, thus the textile industry alone proposes great growth avenues. With the inclusion of other industries that can utilize Industrial hemp, the trillion dollar hemp industry and its cultivation can create millions of jobs, increase economic activity, and generate wealth for Farmers in the agriculture-based nation like India.

About IIHA

As an expert on the uses of industrial hemp and as a pioneer promoting the use of Industrial hemp, IIHA has ties to various international and domestic entities. Such ties help IIHA create a platform by which farmers learn, understand, and educate themselves about how to cultivate industrial hemp.

IIHA is also strengthening its commitment towards the Industrial Hemp industry through its dedicated efforts to create benchmarks that will standardize the use of hemp in food products, medicine and various other uses.

Over the past 7 years, IIHA has been hard at work nurturing the hemp industry in India. Today, since its inception, the industrial hemp industry shows the potential for tremendous growth and financial reward.

IIHA’s role in the industrial hemp industry is that of a facilitator that helps farmers and Contract Farmers interested in growing hemp by leasing land for farmers. Furthermore, IIHA also provides farmers with hemp seeds and educates them about how to grow hemp and provides them with guidance at each stage of the hemp cultivation process.

IIHA’s leadership role in the cultivation of hemp means that in addition to helping farmers cultivate hemp and give them buy back arrangement, IIHA will also construct hemp “treatment plants and warehouses where hemp material taken from farmers will be treated properly and stored. As there is no technical body to set standards for Industrial Hemp, IIHA tied up with the Sri Ram Institute in 2012 to facilitate research on and collect data on industrial hemp. In doing so IIHA expects to create benchmarks and set standards for the industrial hemp industry. IIHA and SRI are also the only organisation to hold THC permit in INDIA.