1st Industrial Hemp Cultivation Licence of India granted to Indian Industrial Hemp Association (IIHA) by Uttrakhand Government

After 33 years since 1958, India’s first hemp cultivation Licensed is awarded to Indian Industrial Hemp Association by Uttrakhand CM Shri Trivendra Singh Rawat

The Indian Industrial Hemp Association (IIHA) and the Uttarakhand Government launched a pilot project to promote the industrial hemp Industry which is known as trillion Dollar crop also worldwide. The Uttarakhand Government’s project to grow hemp, under the care of IIHA, is the First licensed project to cultivate hemp in India.

Once the pilot project to cultivate hemp begins, a number of new economic opportunities will be created for farmers. Notably, barren land will be used to grow hemp which is a hardy crop that requires little maintenance and few resources. The pilot project will begin in Pauri Garhwal, a district in the state of Uttrakhand.

At the launch of this pilot project, the Uttrakhand Chief Minister, Shri Trivendra Singh Rawat also spoke to attendees about IIHA’s role in the pilot project. He mentioned the benefits that the pilot project is expected to have on local communities such as creating jobs and increasing economic activity and generating wealth for Farmers in their villages. This project will also increase opportunities for National and International investors who are looking forward to invest in Hemp project since long and have approached Uttarakhand Government multiple times.

Mr. Rohit Sharma, President of IIHA said that “By legalizing industrial hemp cultivation in Uttarakhand, the Uttarakhand government has provided an impetus to the budding hemp Industry in India. Furthermore, IIHA’s body of work to legalize industrial hemp cultivation is being viewed as a touchstone by other Indian states.Hemp is our traditional and religious plant and finally getting its fair due and coming in the forefront of a positive dialogue. Looping in some exciting times ahead with more challenges! ”

Mr. Chandra Prakash Shah – Director Fibre IIHA who is well known fibre expert and entrepreneur since 3 decades said Uttarakhand Hemp cultivation will be a golden gift for Fibre industry. Additionally added Hemp Fibre is one of the strongest and oldest fibre known to mankind. Hemp Fibre has properties including anti-bacterial and UV protecting properties; reason Chinese army wear innerwear made of hemp. Our fibre industry have more than 1, 50,000 MT demand for hemp fibre currently.

Recognizing the efforts of IIHA, the Uttrakhand Government announced a tie-up to launch projects with IIHA promoting the hemp industry. Recently Shri Dr.K.S Panwar, the industrial advisor to the Uttrakhand Chief Minister announced a pilot project between the Uttrakhand Government and IIHA to cultivate low THC hemp.

About IIHA

As an expert on the uses of industrial hemp and as a pioneer promoting the use of Industrial hemp, IIHA has ties to various international and domestic entities. Such ties help IIHA create a platform by which farmers learn, understand, and educate themselves about how to cultivate industrial hemp. IIHA is also strengthening its commitment towards the Industrial Hemp industry through its dedicated efforts to create benchmarks that will standardize the use of hemp in food products, medicine and various other uses.

Over the past 7 years, IIHA has been hard at work nurturing the hemp industry in India. Today, since its inception, the industrial hemp industry shows the potential for tremendous growth and financial reward.

IIHA’s role in the industrial hemp industry is that of a facilitator that helps farmers and Contract Farmers interested in growing hemp by leasing land for farmers. Furthermore, IIHA also provides farmers with hemp seeds and educates them about how to grow hemp and provides them with guidance at each stage of the hemp cultivation process.

IIHA’s leadership role in the cultivation of hemp means that in addition to helping farmers cultivate hemp and give them buy back arrangement, IIHA will also construct hemp “treatment plants and warehouses where hemp material taken from farmers will be treated properly and stored. As there is no technical body to set standards for Industrial Hemp, IIHA tied up with the Sri Ram Institute in 2012 to facilitate research on and collect data on industrial hemp. In doing so IIHA expects to create benchmarks and set standards for the industrial hemp industry. IIHA and SRI are also the only organisation to hold THC permit in INDIA.